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We Grow and Help You Keep Your Money!

Executive Retirement Plans Inc. is team of accountants, insurance agents and other trusted advisors with proven success in tax saving retirement plans and insurance investments. Each strategy has been developed with built-in flexibility to meet current and future needs of the business and business owner, providing protection for a retirement you can depend on, and which is suitable for the business, owner and employees.

That means we are a small, elite, and highly specialized team of carefully selected and experienced experts in accounting, tax planning, and insurance investments.

Each team member knows every business client by name, what the business does (and how they do it), along with the vision and goals of each. That's because we take the time to get to know a client so we can develop and implement a tax savings retirement strategy that is right for them.

Executive Retirement Plans Inc has the accounts, resources, exceptional service, and experience to help you build a future on your terms. Let us get to know you!

OUR CLIENTS include organizations of all sizes — manufacturing, professional services, business consulting, healthcare, and more. And although people and businesses are often different, they all have common needs, like protection from financial and tax hardships now and in the future.

Point of contact:
Elisabeth Moore, CPA
3472 Research Pkwy, #104-301, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Elisabeth Moore is a founder and VP of Executive Retirement Plans Inc. She consults with businesses and individuals regarding retirement plans, and works with other like-minded professionals in the financial service and insurance industries to design advanced market plans for business owners. Prior to starting Executive Retirement Plans Inc, Elisabeth has been a CPA for over 25 years with experience in financial statement auditing, tax preparation and consulting.

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends"

—Benjamin Franklin